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As an award winning industry super fund, we’ll help you make the most of your super – today, tomorrow and in your retirement. We are here to help give you confidence and control over your financial future. Our staff are never paid commissions or bonuses, and all profits are returned to our members.

Your first job

Starting your first job and gaining your independence can be an exciting time. It pays to choose the best fund for you right from the beginning of your working career. Whatever your financial goals are throughout your life, we are here to help you reach them.  

Why choose MyLife MySuper

Building your wealth

We can show you ways to build your wealth, including special banking offers for members and a more personal approach to banking through MyLife MyFinance, our 100% owned bank.

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Planning your retirement

Whether you want to gradually ease into retirement or have a date in mind where you want to finish working completely, we have account options to help you achieve a seamless transition into retirement.

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Preparing for aged care

If you need to consider aged care or assisted living for you or your loved ones, we are here to help you navigate the complexity. We can assist in identifying the government benefits available to you, the costs that will apply for care, and help you make the best decision regarding assets.

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Exclusive banking offers for our members

As a member of MyLife MySuper, you can make the most of your money today with special banking offers through MyLife MyFinance, our 100% owned bank.

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Changing jobs? You can take us with you

If you change jobs, simply ask your new employer to pay your super into your MyLife MySuper account. You’ll need to complete our Choice of fund form and give it to your employer.

Make sure your super goes to the right account.

You may need to give your employer our details: USI: 50 237 896 957 602    ABN: 50 237 896 957