Try out our calculators to help you work out how you’re tracking for retirement, how much super you might need, and how small lifestyle changes can help you save more for your future.


Retirement modeller

How long will your super last? Will a Transition to Retirement strategy benefit you? Use our interactive Retirement Modeller and see.

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Grow your super

Compare contributions

Compare the difference between making before tax (salary sacrifice) and after tax (personal) contributions to your super.

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Co-contribution calculator

See if you are eligible for a government co-contribution, and work out how much extra you could be entitled to.

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Find out your investor risk type

Your investor style

Determine your investment style using our illustrator.

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Insurance cover

Insurance needs calculator

Do you have enough cover? Use our insurance needs calculator to find out.

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Cost of insurance

Calculate the cost of the different types of insurance cover we offer our members.

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Unit price comparison - Super

Compare the super unit prices for our investment options over a specific time period.

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Unit price comparison - Pension

Compare the pension unit prices of our investment options over a specific time period.

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We're here to help

We can help guide you with making any decisions or changes to your super, and answer any questions you may have.